my heart is in the city of love but it's raining in paris

Taylor Swift 2012 highlights


congratulations on reading the book before it was made into a film

you win: nothing

Missing you comes in waves.
Tonight I’m drowning.

— (via suspend)

Arriving at a Radio Sation in Manchester, UK - June 30, 2014

I'm quite domestic, I just like to stay home. I do see little rumours on Twitter and stuff about fans thinking I'm a robot and I'm not real and I don't really exist because I don't really go anywhere but that's because I'm quite boring when I have time off. I like to stay at home an just relax and do normal things, chill out with my family. Mainly doing a lot of artwork, stuff like that. Write songs and chill out. I’m just a normal 20 year old, I think. I’m just having fun. [ Requested by anon x ]

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Hampden Park for day six of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow | July 29th 2014 (x)


Every Taylor Swift singles

Taylor Swift; 2006-2008



mermaids don’t have thigh gaps but they can still lure men to their deaths

Where are their vaginas tho

 Favorite Lines From The Taylor Swift's "Red" Album - Inspired by (x)


when people who can’t sing never stop singing