my heart is in the city of love but it's raining in paris

taylorswift: a summary (insp)

Atlas from eveninthedarkest on 8tracks Radio.

Atlas (so sad)


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No one better leak any titles or lyrics when she trusted them not to or I will be fucking murdering

9/20/14 (x)

  1. Most celebrities: Don't invite fans to their properties
  2. Taylor Swift: Invites fans to her Nashville apartment
  3. Taylor Swift: Invites fans to her New York penthouse
  4. Taylor Swift: Invites fans to her LA house
  5. Taylor Swift: *probably will invite fans to her Rhode Island mansion.


9/20/14 (x)

Having long hair again was a thrill.

77/? Outfits - I Heart Radio Festival 2014, live performance.  


zayn is that next level upgrade shit hes out of everyones league it doesnt matter how hot/cute/artsy/cool u are zayn is always above u its zayns world and we’re just livin in it accept it


best of: stage Ashton 


taylorswift and pizza, a love story